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Bonnie Prince

Charles Edward Stuart or ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ is said to be the most charismatic man in Scottish history. Our whisky is a reflection of the rebellious character and charisma of the young pretender, which remains in the memory of the Scots to this day.

This blended Scotch whisky is a reflection of the rebellious character and charisma of a young challenger, which remain in the Scots’ memory to this day.
The spirit matured for 3 years, mostly in first fill Bourbon casks (which is not common, as usually whisky matures in 4th or 5th refill casks). This whisky also has greater than standard ratio of highest quality single malt to grain whisky (around 15% of single malt, compared to standard of 5%). The entire whisky production process, including aging in oak casks, took place in Scottish soil.

Tasting notes

Bonnie Prince Whisky

Nose: Distincly malty aroma, with touch of soft spices. Hints of sweet, caramely notes, reminiscent of fresh oatmeal with honey and raisins.
Mouth: Smooth and creamy, with vanilla and toffee notes. Touch of orange zest and smoked oak flavours.
Finish: A warming, toffee finish. Palpable barley notes, with dried fruits and raisins hints.

Mix it up!

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% alc.


Bottle size (CL)



  • Blended Scotch Whisky
  • Distilled, blended & bottled in Scotland


Young Contender

Charlie was a handsome, well-educated polyglot – fluent in Italian, French, English and German. He was a great shooter and rode a horse. His charisma made him especially popular among women.


Blended Scotch

Whatever you call Scotland’s national drink, and whichever Scotch you discover, you know that it is a product of quality, crafted in Scotland, with a unique heritage stretching back more than 500 years.

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